Safety Advice

When using permanent magnets, please observe the following safety warnings.

Safety advice 01


If swallowed, permanent magnets can settle in the intestine and cause serious complications that may lead to death.

Safety advice 02


Some permanent magnets are extremely powerful. If not handled properly, two magnets can collide abruptly and cause bruises or hematomas. It is essential to wear protective gloves at all times.

Safety advice 03

Projection of fragments of magnets

If mishandled, two magnets can collide and break suddenly which can cause the projection of many fragments of magnets. Protective eyewear is recommended when handling large magnets.

Safety advice 04

Interference with cardiac equipment

Permanents magnets may interfere with heart devices such as pacemakers or defibrillators. It is imperative to maintain a safe distance with these devices or people with pacemakers.

Safety advice 05

Other interferences

As they can generate powerful magnetic fields and large amplitude, some magnets can cause damage to many electronic devices such as televisions, computers including hard drives. It is recommended to keep a safe distance from any electronic object.

Safety advice 06

Fire hazard

The machining of permanent magnets can generate combustible dust. It is essential to take necessary measures to prevent the risk of fire, by using appropriate tools.

Safety advice 07

Air freight

If air-shipped, it is important to place magnets in magnetically shielded containers to avoid interference with air navigation devices that may cause an accident.