Eddy Current Separator / Non-ferrous Metal Separator


Working principle:
The eddy current separator, also known as the non-ferrous metal separator, is designed by using a conductor to generate an induced current. When the metal enters the sorting zone, it will induce a current inside the metal body. The magnetic field generated by this current is opposite to the original magnetic field, and has mutually exclusive forces. This repulsive force can push the metal body forward. Out, to achieve the purpose of automatic separation.

1. Easy to install and use, high separation efficiency.
2. Using high-strength permanent magnet material as the magnetic source, the magnetic properties are stable and durable.
3. No need for power magnetism, saving energy.
4. Compact and reliable, easy to maintain.
5. Strong repulsive force and adjustable, adaptable.
6. The range of fineness is large, and non-magnetic non-ferrous metals with a fineness of more than 2mm can be sorted.

The eddy current separator is mainly used to recover non-ferrous non-ferrous metals from industrial and domestic waste.
Typical processing items are:scrap copper (aluminum) power cable, aluminum products, automobile scrap, non-ferrous metal scrap, printed circuit board ash. Slag, non-ferrous metal glass slag, scrap steel waste, electronic waste, multi-metal (Al, Cu, Pb, Zn) mixture, cast copper (aluminum) sand and aluminum slag.